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Verbal Surgery podcast

Dec 6, 2019



Your memories and relationships make you who you are.  Improve both with Verbal Surgery -719- “Plug In” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 3, 2019



Our comparisons and contrasts with other people have a dramatic difference on our happiness level!  Your focus is your choice!  Plug into Verbal Surgery -718- “Better Off” and feel good now!

Nov 30, 2019



When in doubt, be thankful for how awesome you are with Verbal Surgery -717- “ThanksGETTING” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 27, 2019



Your memories about yourself have a gigantic impact on your current state of mental health!  Give yourself a new review with Verbal Surgery -716- “Total MEcall” and feel good NOW!

Nov 22, 2019



Get a fresh take on your life with Verbal Surgery -715- “Two Windows.” Let the sunshine in and feel good now!