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Verbal Surgery podcast

Feb 15, 2020



Do you find it hard to get motivated? Then turn on Verbal Surgery -736- “Self Heating” and get fired up to feel good, NOW!

Feb 12, 2020



Change how your feel by manipulating your body!  Learn how with Verbal Surgery -735- “Nod Your Head” and feel good, NOW!

Feb 7, 2020



Where do our actions come from? Our thoughts!  Go inside and find happiness with Verbal Surgery -734- “INpossible2” and feel good, NOW!

Feb 5, 2020



What would you change if you could do it again?  We have the chance every day!  Explore the possibilities with Verbal Surgery -732- “Do Over” and feel good, NOW!

Feb 1, 2020



Do we ever really change?  Absolutely! Engage your best self with Verbal Surgery -731- “Stuck in Time” and feel good, NOW!