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Verbal Surgery podcast

Dec 25, 2020



Do you have trouble getting things done?  What are you waiting for?  Verbal Surgery -817- “The Day Day” for the win to get you going!  And feel good, NOW!

Dec 23, 2020



Want to be happier?  Be more successful in life?  Then absorb Verbal Surgery -816- “Attitude Altitude” and improve your outlook on life and feel good, NOW!

Dec 19, 2020



Where are you safe?  Is it a location or an attitude?  Practice safe brains with Verbal Surgery -815- “In the Safe” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 17, 2020



What scares you?  What keeps you from doing your very best?  Usually, it’s fear!  Step away from that mentality with Verbal Surgery -814- “Slightest Height” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful stuff!  Don’t miss this...

Dec 13, 2020



What controls your behavior?  Find out with Verbal Surgery -813- “Fake Baby,” and feel good, NOW!