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Verbal Surgery podcast

Dec 30, 2021



Facing difficult times?  Change your attitude with Verbal Surgery -907- “The Dark and Delight” and feel good, NOW! Flashy!

Dec 27, 2021



How much do you know?  About the past?  Or the future?  Discover the value of NOT knowing with Verbal Surgery -906- “IDK” and feel good, NOW!  

Dec 20, 2021



Does your experience change what happened? Fundamentally! You are constantly changing your environment. Experience Verbal Surgery -905- “Seeffect” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 16, 2021


What rules do you play by?  Expand your game with Verbal Surgery -903- “Candy Land” and feel good, NOW!  You WINNER!

Dec 13, 2021


What are you made of?  Awesomeness!  Absorb Verbal Surgery  “Gold Plated” and feel good, NOW!  So shiny!