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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 31, 2022



What keeps you from achieving your goals?  Examine how to overcome your limitations with Verbal Surgery -930- “Rolling Road Block” and feel good, NOW!  You can do it! 

Mar 27, 2022



How is your life going right now?  What adjectives did you use?  Explore the power of definition with Verbal Surgery -929- “Name Game” and feel good, NOW!  

Mar 21, 2022



Want to be happier in life?  More successful in business?  Then make sure you zoom in on Verbal Surgery -928- “Stay Focused” and feel good, NOW! My most powerful episode!  Don’t miss it!

Mar 16, 2022



Do you hold onto the past?  Maybe a little too tight?  Then release with Verbal Surgery -927- “Erased Stump” and feel good, NOW!   The right word, just when you need it!

Mar 12, 2022



Do you have trouble getting difficult tasks done?  Have a hard time even getting started?  The ignite your momentum with Verbal Surgery -926- “Ridiculously Easy” and feel good, NOW!  Easy ways to get going.  Don’t miss this...