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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 29, 2022



What do you truly desire?  Food? Something new and shiny?  Discover how to stop fighting those urges and win with Verbal Surgery -938- “Embrace the Hunger” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 24, 2022



What drives you towards success?  Your thoughts!  Get impressed with compression from Verbal Surgery -937- “Thoughts are Springs” and feel good, NOW!  Press on!

Apr 20, 2022



Are you enjoying your life?  How much of it did you plan out?  Explore your route with Verbal Surgery -936- “The Map and the Journey” and feel good, NOW!  Get on the right track, JACK!

Apr 16, 2022



Where do we get our identity from? Education? Job?  Examine who you are with Verbal Surgery “Be Me, Maybe” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 14, 2022



How are you holding your body right now?  Head up straight?  Chin out?  Examine mind-body overdrive with Verbal Surgery -934- “Inposture” and feel good, NOW!