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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jul 30, 2022



Where are you right now?  Is there a difference between where you are thinking about and your physical body?  Examine Verbal Surgery -961- “Inside Outside” and feel good, NOW!

Jul 26, 2022



How much are you aware of around you? What do you focus on?  Strap on Verbal Surgery -960- “Head Light” and feel good, NOW!

Jul 21, 2022



How are you improving your life?  Examine your construction tactics with Verbal Surgery -959- “Building Blocks 2” and feel good, NOW! Practical!  This stuff works!

Jul 15, 2022



Do you work well with others?  Improve that skill with Verbal Surgery -958- “PROticipate” and feel good, NOW! Practical! Powerful!

Jul 12, 2022



Want to improve?  Not sure where to start?  Begin with Verbal Surgery “Evaluate and Escalate” and feel good, NOW!