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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 31, 2022



Use the right tool and perfect yourself with Verbal Surgery -983- “Wooden Spoon” and feel good, NOW! Practical! Powerful! 

Oct 25, 2022



How is your life coming together?  Examine the total picture with Verbal Surgery -982- “Puzzle Pieces” and feel good, NOW!  It fits!

Oct 20, 2022



Are you sure you know what you REALLY want?  Examine both sides with Verbal Surgery -981- “The Solution is the Problem” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 15, 2022



Want something ultra-clean?  Use bleach! Unless you not crazy about bleach stains. When is good bad?  Find out how our actions can be misinterpreted with Verbal Surgery -980- “Bleach Stains” and feel good, NOW!  Clean...

Oct 12, 2022



It always works out!  Examine the situation in the light of day with Verbal Surgery -979- “Dawn and Sunrise” and feel good, NOW!  Enlightening!