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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 25, 2022



Do you have problems in your life you want to repair?  You’ve come to the right place.  Plug in Verbal Surgery -988- “Fix It” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful and the truth!

Nov 18, 2022



Learn the power of discipline and perspective with Verbal Surgery -987- “Contrast Ratio” and feel good, NOW!  Simple yet powerful!  Don’t miss it!

Nov 13, 2022



Ramp your happiness level way up with Verbal Surgery -986- “The Need to be Needed”  and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!

Nov 11, 2022



Get the best out of your life!  Focus on Verbal Surgery “Highlights” and feel good, NOW! Powerful ways to make you happy!

Nov 4, 2022



Ever seen someone’s name in concrete?  Ever wonder what happened to them?  Explore your memories with Verbal Surgery -984- “Wet Concrete” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one! Powerful!