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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 30, 2023



What do you see?  Open your eyes to new sights and new ways of seeing with Verbal Surgery -1001- "Vista View” and feel good, NOW!  You’ll love it!

Jan 25, 2023



Are you looking for more success in life?  Then great news!  Verbal Surgery -1000- “The Answer” is it!  Get with the program with this priceless edition and feel good, NOW!

Jan 21, 2023



New ways to protect yourself and get better with Verbal Surgery -999- “Simple Thimbles” and feel good, NOW!  

Jan 16, 2023



Find your own perspective with Verbal Surgery -998- “Just Right” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one!

Jan 11, 2023



What gift would you really like to have?  Give the present to yourself with Verbal Surgery -997- “The Present 2.0” and feel good, NOW!  WooooHoooo!