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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 26, 2023



Are you the same person you were years ago?  What brought about that change?  Discover the change you want to be in this chameleon of an episode:  Verbal Surgery -1009- “Split Personalities” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 17, 2023



Where does your happiness exist? Out there with physical things and other people?  Examine the ultimate point of view with Verbal Surgery -1008- “It’s All Up Here” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 11, 2023



When do we live?  NOW?  Or in the present and future in our minds?  Examine the present with this timely edition of Verbal Surgery “Just Be” and feel good, NOW!  

Mar 3, 2023



Do you know what you’re made of?  Do you know who you are?  Question the question with this deep dive into success and happiness with Verbal Surgery -1006- “What I Am” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful!