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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 30, 2023



What do you see your future like?  Examine your options with Verbal Surgery -1014- “Vision Collision” and feel good, NOW! Powerful!

Apr 22, 2023



How hard is it for you to do something.  Life hacks that help with Verbal Surgery -1013- “That Much Work” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 14, 2023



Get back to your roots with Verbal Surgery -1012- “Childlike” and feel good, NOW!  So powerful!

Apr 8, 2023



Be careful who you hang with!  Pay attention to Verbal Surgery -1011- “Splash Damage” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 1, 2023



What is failure?  Not learning from your challenges!  Explore the harder parts of life and WIN with Verbal Surgery -1010- “No Downside” and feel good, NOW!