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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 15, 2022



What is your life made of?  Events? People?  Take control of your reality with Verbal Surgery -911- “Watching the Show” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful and perfect for the start of a new year!

Jan 12, 2022



Can you see into the future?  Use your imagination to boost your happiness with Verbal Surgery -910- “PreReview” and feel good, NOW!  

Jan 9, 2022



How do we know what to believe?  Volume? Flash?  Take control of the voice in your head with Verbal Surgery -909- “Loud-o-Phone” and feel good, NOW!

Jan 4, 2022



Are you a goal setter?  Do you ever achieve your goals?  Reach new heights with Verbal Surgery -908- “Climb A Cactus” and feel good, NOW!  You can do it!

Dec 30, 2021



Facing difficult times?  Change your attitude with Verbal Surgery -907- “The Dark and Delight” and feel good, NOW! Flashy!