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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jul 20, 2018


Want to change the world?  YOU CAN!  Your actions make a difference in a different way because you are YOUnique!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -576- "Different Difference," and feel good, NOW!

Jul 17, 2018


If you could start over, would you?  Would you like to be a baby in today's world? We are made up of our memories of our past.  As you explore these memories you may realize that they are flawed and incomplete.  How are your memories holding you back? Find out and feel good, NOW!

Jul 13, 2018


How are your relations?  Do you find yourself to be an open person? Verbal Surgery -574- "Bridges Not Walls" will take you on a new path!  And feel good, NOW

Jul 10, 2018


Your brain changes depending on what you are looking at.  It's just the way it IS!  So make the choice to watch and listen to things that help you feel good, NOW! Verbal Surgery -573- "Look UP!" For the WIn!

Jul 6, 2018


When is something NOk?  When you know it is wrong.  Knowing your own ethical standard directly affects your happiness!  Draw a line with this heart opening edition of Verbal Surgery -572- "NOk."