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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 16, 2018


Women look different with makeup on!  What would it be like if we ALL wore makeup?  External difference is nice but decorating our MIND makes a much bigger change!  Wear Verbal Surgery -523- "Mind Makeup" and feel good, NOW!

Jan 12, 2018


Eliminate bad behaviors with this speedy version of Verbal Surgery -522- "Sloth Moss."  It's time to feel good, NOW!

Jan 9, 2018


Your big goals are scary!  Fear freezes you up.  Get something done with Verbal Surgery -521- "Goalitos." And feel good, NOW!

Jan 5, 2018


Do you have behaviors that cause you trouble?  Get rid of those crackers in bed that are causing you grief with this practical guide to changing our actions!  Take a bit out of Verbal Surgery -520- "Bed Crackers." And feel good, NOW!

Jan 2, 2018


How do you drive when you can't see?  Speed comes from clarity!  Onward through the fog with this full speed ahead with Verbal Surgery -519- "Hazy Lazy!"  Feel good, NOW!