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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 16, 2018


What we expect to happen is more powerful than our willpower!  Learn to see in the future with this positive push of Verbal Surgery -540- "NEXTpectations!" and feel good, NOW!

Mar 13, 2018


What do you need to protect?  Your family?  Your thoughts?  Be more inclusive with this border crossing version of Verbal Surgery -539- "Fence Defense" and feel good, NOW!

Mar 9, 2018


Time waits for no man!  Use it and get on with your life in massive ways!  USE your time wisely with this temporal  edition of Verbal Surgeyr -538- "Off the Clock" and feel good NOW!

Mar 6, 2018


Do you ever wander?  When's the last time you wondered about something?  Put the two  together and experience life at another level.  Expose yourself to Verbal Surgery -537- "Wonder Wanders" and feel good, NOW!

Mar 2, 2018


Knowing how you DON'T want to act is important!  The clearer that picture the easier it is to recognize in OURSELVES!  Train your brain to Change your mind with Verbal Surgery -536- "TorMENTOR."  You know you want to feel good, NOW!