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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 19, 2017


Feeling down?  Life especially hard right now?  Then it's time for Verbal Surgery -489- "Rise ON!"  Get fired up with this ultra energetic edition and feel good, NOW!

Aug 8, 2017

What are you hanging on to that is hurting?  The emotional energy it takes to stay angry is gigantic.  It's time to encode Verbal Surgery -478- Just Let GO"  straight into your neural cortex and feel good, NOW!

Aug 1, 2017

Verbal Surgery -476- "Flags!"       

Do you know when you are being wound up?  What are your warning signs for stress,  and how do you effectively deal with them?  Catch Verbal Sugery -476- "Flags" and stop stress before it stops you!  It's time to feel good, NOW!

May 19, 2017

Are you accomplishing your goals?  Do you feel happy?  Long term small effort equals GIGANTIC results!  Take a nibble of Verbal Surgery -455- "Minimum Underdrive" and feel good, NOW!

Nov 11, 2014

Who are those special friends of yours that you've lost contact with?  When was the last time you called your parents?  How are your brothers and sisters doing?  It's not too late to get back in touch!  Recover and restore relationships!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -297- because its Not Too LATE!