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Verbal Surgery podcast

Feb 20, 2018


How can we resolve issues?  See it from THEIR point of view.  Simple yet not easy.  Expand your mind with this matchless edition of Verbal Surgery -533- "Mix and Match," and feel good, NOW!

Feb 16, 2018


Change your memories and get happy!  Learn the technique to train your brain.  Plug into Verbal Surgery -532- "The Joy of Ignorance!" and feel good, NOW!

Feb 13, 2018


What makes us feel good?  A song? Memories of times with friends?  Keep an inventory on those things and use them!  And when we make people feel bad, what is our reaction?  Especially when we know we are right?!  Point others towards Verbal Surgery -531- "The Good Stuff" and feel good, NOW!

Feb 9, 2018


Speed up your greatness with this amplitude modifying version of Verbal Surgery -530- "Exceleration!" and feel good, NOW!

Feb 6, 2018


The words you say to people have a gigantic effect on them.  Even the softest criticism can sound like yelling!  Get your volume up with this amplified edition of Verbal Surgery -529- "Loud and Soft" and feel good , NOW!