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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 22, 2018


Where does your passion come from?  Discover the source in this red-hot edition of Verbal Surgery -568- "Fire Springs!" And feel good, NOW!

Jun 20, 2018


Are you always right?  Sometimes being wrong can be a good thing!  Especially when someone tells you what you CAN'T do!  Find the flipside with this topsy-turvy edition of Verbal Surgery -567- "The Power of Being Wrong!"

Jun 16, 2018


Enjoy this special edition and Train Your Brain with  Verbal Surgery -566- "Become Aware." This is a knock out so don't listen while driving! Relax and feel good, NOW!  You know you want to!

Jun 12, 2018


Ever had a cup that stopped working properly?  Now it drips on you? Our interactions with people can develop the same problem!  Check out Verbal Surgery -565- "Drip Cup" and feel good, NOW!

Jun 8, 2018


Moderation is the key to a long and happy life!  Make sure you choose the middle way with this shady edition of Verbal Surgery -564- "Sunbrella" and feel good, NOW!