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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 16, 2020



Take charge of your life with the totally modern edition of Verbal Surgery -727- “THE Day!” And feel good, Now!

Jan 4, 2020



We can change the stories that we tell ourselves.  We change our reality when we do this!  Create your own with Verbal Surgery -726- “Reasonable Fiction” and feel good, NOW!

Jan 2, 2020



How stable are you? When do you make the most progress?  Instability can be a good thing!  Find out why with Verbal Surgery -725- “Balanced Instability” and feel good, NOW

Dec 29, 2019



Visualization can be a powerful force in your life, especially when you use it to describe yourself! Embrace this strategy and feel good, now!

Dec 21, 2019



What signals do you give yourself right before you break?  Pay attention with Verbal Surgery -723- “Break Light” and feel good, NOW!