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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 20, 2019



Overcome troubles with these simple words!  Verbal Surgery FTW with “Now I Can!” And feel good, NOW!

Aug 16, 2019



We have been taught to “push yourself” if you want to succeed.  But is that really true?  The more we pull others the faster we accelerate together!  Join forces with Verbal Surgery -687- “Pull Harder” and feel good, NOW!

Aug 13, 2019



Does getting there early and working hard really reap the benefits?  Maybe yes and maybe no!  Explore Verbal Surgery “Late Bird” and feel good, NOW!

Aug 10, 2019



Every effect has a cause!  What are you causing to happen.  Get positive results with Verbal Surgery “PROsequences and feel good, NOW!

Aug 7, 2019



Be the best you can be by retraining your brain!  Make sure you take a big gulp of Verbal Surgery “Drink Your Koolaid!” And feel good, NOW!