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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 24, 2020



Do you color within the lines?  Who drew those in the first place?  Take control of your guidance system with Verbal Surgery -801- “Line Striper” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 21, 2020



Got questions in life? I got the answer, baby!  Fill in your blanks with Verbal Surgery -800- “Love is the Answer” and feel good, NOW! Such excellence incarnate.

Oct 17, 2020



Is it hard to do something extraordinary? How do you prevent yourself from going off the rails?  Verbal Surgery -799- “Spike the Curve” for the win!  Learn your triggers and how to pull them with this super practical edition! And feel...

Oct 14, 2020



Do you have an “us and them” mentality? How is that working for you?  Explore a better way with Verbal Surgery -798- “The Other Other Side” and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!  Don’t miss this one!

Oct 10, 2020


What is holding you back? Who tells you what you cannot do?  Release yourself with Verbal Surgery -797- “Off The Leash” and feel good, NOW! Don’t miss this one!