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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 16, 2021



Are you in the dark?  Ready to brighten your day?  Then turn on Verbal Surgery -821- “Seek Light” and feel good, NOW!  Plug in, baby!

Jan 13, 2021



Are you having trouble with your relationships?  Then learn this powerful skill with Verbal Surgery -820- “Be Nice First” and feel good, NOW!

Jan 9, 2021



What does the inside of your head look like?  Make it more cheerful with Verbal Surgery -819- “Interior Designer” and feel good, NOW!  Yummy!

Jan 1, 2021



Do you have a dramatic life?  Do you like the characters around you?  Grab the director’s cut with Verbal Surgery -818- “The Best of the Story” and feel good, NOW!

Dec 25, 2020



Do you have trouble getting things done?  What are you waiting for?  Verbal Surgery -817- “The Day Day” for the win to get you going!  And feel good, NOW!