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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 14, 2018


Things change over time.  So do people.  And sometimes they don't!  Are there relationships that need to change but you're reluctant to do what's necessary?  Then absorb Verbal Surgery -583- "Brick in a Tree" and feel good, NOW!

Aug 10, 2018


Do you set goals?  Do you have any idea the direction you're going or do you just "Go with the flow?"  Sometimes it's small effort that really makes the difference!  Jump in to Verbal Surgery -582- "The Tiniest Bit" and feel good, NOW!

Aug 7, 2018


Does stress play a significant part of your life?  How do you deal with it?  Swallow this episode of Verbal Surgery -581- "Chill Pill" WHOLE and learn simple ways to overcome stress!  And feel good, NOW!

Aug 3, 2018


The things people say to us can leave us wounded or feeling GREAT!  Examine this introspective edition of Verbal Surgery -580- "Scars and Stars" and feel good, NOW!

Jul 31, 2018


What keeps you from achieving your dreams?  For many people it's the fear of failure.  Their safety belts keep them safe, but they can't move forward! Examine what holds you in place with Verbal Surgery -579- "Buckle Up!" And feel good, NOW!