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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 21, 2019



What are you INtrested in?  Learn the ins and out of fascination with this mental examination of Verbal Surgery -671- “OUTrest” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 18, 2019



Where do you draw the line on your limitations?  Examine the entrance to the next level with this key opening edition of Verbal Surgery -670- “Borders, Gates and Holes.” And feel good, NOW!

Jun 15, 2019



What you think about controls how your FEEL!  Get yourself a hot, sweet slice of Verbal Surgery pie with this tasty episode, “Me, Myself and PIE!” And feel good, NOW!  Yummy for your cerebral tummy!

Jun 11, 2019



What you compare and contrast yourself to affects your happiness level!  Get a perspective check with Verbal Surgery -668- “Greener Grass” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 7, 2019



Your questions determine the answers you get.  Sometimes you need different questions for the answer you have!  Question your questions with Verbal Surgery -667- “The Unsearched for Answer” and feel good, NOW!