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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 19, 2019



Ready to improve people’s behavior, including YOURS? Then elevate yourself with Verbal Surgery -654- “Raise Praise” and feel good NOW!  Don’t miss this one!

Apr 16, 2019


Life is fragile!  Get in touch with those you love before it’s too late!  Absorb Verbal Surgery -653- “Peek-a-BOOM!” And feel good, NOW!

Apr 13, 2019


What you say “no” to can change your life!  Travel the world of challenge with Verbal Surgery -652- “Fine Denial.” And feel good, NOW!

Apr 9, 2019


Get intergalactic and enlarge your boundaries with Verbal Surgery -651- “Star Shine!.” Feel good, NOW!

Apr 5, 2019


What do you know?  Does information increase your happiness?  It can certainly help!  Boost your brainpower with Verbal Surgery -650- “No Ledge” and feel good, NOW!