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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 17, 2017


What is the main reason for success?  You must JUST SHOW UP!  Listen to this podcast and learn what the common "positive excuses" people use NOT to show up!  Simple ideas to take your success to the next level with Verbal Surgery -506- "Just Show UP!"  Time to feel good, NOW!

Nov 14, 2017


Want better relationships?  Then apply liberally  Verbal Surgery -505- "LubriCAN."  Get rid of the squeaks in your friendships with this practical episode and feel good, NOW!  Powerful idease that WORK!

Nov 10, 2017


How big is YOUR box?  Ready for growth?  WOOOOT!  Then remodel with this mind-expanding edition of Verbal Surgery -504- "Right Sized Box!"  Simple ideas BIG changes to help you feel good, NOW

Nov 7, 2017


What is light?  Particle or wave?  We broadcast energy!  Learn how to concentrate and diffuse that intensity with this enlightening version of Verbal Surgery -503- "Waves of Light!"  And feel good, NOW!

Nov 3, 2017


Do you have a lot of extra stuff laying around that you really don't need?  Cluttered living causes stress!  And are there behaviors that have just kind of lasted and lasted, even though they're not doing you any good?  Then it's time to unhook the Verbal Surgery -502- "Boat Trailer!"