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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 19, 2024



What frightens you?  Is it the thing or your thoughts about the thing?  Explore descriptions and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!

May 13, 2024



What makes you YOU? Isn’t it our memories?  Explore the best of you with Verbal Surgery -1058- “Past Lives” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful!

May 4, 2024



Want a happiness boost?  Then put on Verbal Surgery -1057- “Too Tight” and feel good, NOW!

It fits!

Apr 29, 2024



Ready to make progress in your life.  Accelerate great with Verbal Surgery -1056- “For Better or Best” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 21, 2024



Have trouble getting into motion?  Then jump into “Wait Lifting” and feel good, NOW!  You can do it!