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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 19, 2023



What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?  Now imagine you can’t leave? How should you feel?  After all, it’s “paradise!”  Explore my epic escape from Guatemala with this thought provoking episode and feel good, NOW!  You know you...

Oct 25, 2022



How is your life coming together?  Examine the total picture with Verbal Surgery -982- “Puzzle Pieces” and feel good, NOW!  It fits!

Sep 28, 2022



How is your communication with others?  Sharpen your focus and abilities with Verbal Surgery -976- “What Else Is On?” and feel good, NOW!  Yeah!

Mar 16, 2022



Do you hold onto the past?  Maybe a little too tight?  Then release with Verbal Surgery -927- “Erased Stump” and feel good, NOW!   The right word, just when you need it!

Mar 20, 2021



Do you want your life to go in another direction?  The adjust your attitude with Verbal Surgery -837- “Keep the Change! 2” And feel good, NOW! So practical. So powerful.