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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 16, 2022



Do you hold onto the past?  Maybe a little too tight?  Then release with Verbal Surgery -927- “Erased Stump” and feel good, NOW!   The right word, just when you need it!

Mar 20, 2021



Do you want your life to go in another direction?  The adjust your attitude with Verbal Surgery -837- “Keep the Change! 2” And feel good, NOW! So practical. So powerful.

Jun 13, 2020



Ready to speed up? Need to slow down?  Then buckle up for Verbal Surgery -768- “Speed Thing” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 18, 2020



Covid-19 making you uptight?  Time for attention adjustment with Verbal Surgery -744- “Hocus Focus” and feel good,NOW!

Aug 21, 2018


How would your behavior change if your were penalized financially every time you said something mean to someone?  What if that caustic comment was aimed towards yourself?  Be the best you can be with this black and white striped edition of Verbal Surgery -585- "Rougheree!" And feel good,...