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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 30, 2020



What is your mind like?  A constant yakking inside your head with no control of direction? The dilemma most people face!  Send ourself a different direction with Verbal Surgery -794- “Aqueduct of Consciousness” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 26, 2020



Can weakness make you stronger?  It did in my case!  See the way through the hardest times with Verbal Surgery -793- “Messed Up Hand” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 23, 2020



Looking for a better relationship? Want to become more attractive and better at business?  Then it’s time to swing into Verbal Surgery “The Action” and feel good, NOW!  This stuff 

WORKS!  Don’t miss this...

Sep 18, 2020



Ready for some stories? Then climb aboard Verbal Surgery -791- “Ladder Truck” and get a new view on life!  Don’t miss this one, kids!  It’s time to feel good, NOW!

Sep 16, 2020


Do you know what you want in life?  Want to get it?  Then absorb Verbal Surgery -790- “Pay Intention” and feel good, NOW!