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Verbal Surgery podcast

Dec 4, 2021



How well do you know your route to work?  See new things in your life with Verbal Surgery -901- “Along For The Ride” and feel good, NOW!  

Dec 1, 2021



What’s the hardest task you have to do?  Fear it?  Build a ramp to success with Verbal Surgery -900- “That Heavy Thing” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one!  There are two zeros at the end!

Nov 27, 2021



When will you be everything you want to be?  Never?  Examine your expectations with Verbal Surgery -899- “Finish Line” and feel good, NOW!  Be a winner!

Nov 21, 2021



Ready to get fired up?  Then ignite yourself with Verbal Surgery -898- “Match Less” and feel good, NOW!  Push your own buttons!

Nov 17, 2021



Are you thriving or barely surviving?  You become what you put into yourself!  Enrich your existence with Verbal Surgery -897- “Top Soil” and feel good, NOW!  Reality under your fingernails! Yeah!