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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 16, 2024



Do you want to increase your happiness levels right now?  Then plug into Verbal Surgery -1063- “Large Language Models” and feel good, NOW!  Simple, yet powerful!

Jun 9, 2024



Ever have a loved one get bad at you?  Discover the power of perspective in relationships and feel good, NOW!  We all need this one!  A new classic!

Jun 2, 2024



Do you have a gap in your happiness?  Fill it with Verbal Surgery -1061- “The Whole Hole” and feel good, NOW!

May 26, 2024



Are you just in time or out of time? It’s time to talk.  Engage Verbal Surgery “The Forever Pill” and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!

May 19, 2024



What frightens you?  Is it the thing or your thoughts about the thing?  Explore descriptions and feel good, NOW!  This stuff works!