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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 26, 2023



What makes you, YOU? Get down to “The Real Stuff” with Verbal Surgery and feel good, NOW!   The one, the only, still the original Verbal Surgeon.

Aug 19, 2023



How would winning a BILLION dollars change your life?  Examine the possibilities you already have with Verbal Surgery -1028- “Billion Dollar Baby” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one!

Aug 10, 2023



How much of your life can you control?  Be aware and be prepared! And dig the awesomeness around you with Verbal Surgery -1027- “The Unplanned Life” and feel good, NOW!  Tasty!

Aug 2, 2023



Close calls with the Verbal Surgeon equals excitement plus!  Listen in and learn with Verbal Surgery -1026- “Borrowed Time” and feel good, NOW!