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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 30, 2020



Do your know where you’re going in life?  Sometimes the best way isn’t the most direct!  Take the road less traveled with Verbal Surgery -764- “Wandering Wondering” and feel good, NOW!  

May 27, 2020



Are you stuck? Want to move forward in life?  Then fill up on Verbal Surgery -763- “Gasoline and Lightning” and feel good, NOW!  An explosion of delight!

May 23, 2020



When was the last time you really looked at your environment?  How about a quick self-check? Inspect Verbal Surgery -762- “Tiny Perfection” and feel good, NOW!

May 20, 2020



Do you have dreams in life?  What or who is stopping you from achieving them?  Jump into Verbal Surgery -761- “Dream Stompers” and feel good, NOW!

May 16, 2020


Ready to accelerate your greatness and WIN?  Then absorb Verbal Surgery -760- “Part Won” and feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one, it’s a winner!