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Verbal Surgery podcast

Nov 27, 2020



Are you afraid to ask for help?  Speed up your progress with a little help from your friends with Verbal Surgery -810- “Multi-Asking” and feel good, NOW!  And yes, I’m asking you to listen to this!

Nov 21, 2020



What are you looking for from life?  Want to be happy? Then take a ride on the brain train to happy land with Verbal Surgery -809- “Seek and Hide” and feel good, NOW!   Wooooohooooo!!

Nov 19, 2020



How would you act if you knew you had a limited time to live?  Embrace mortality with 

Verbal Surgery -808- “Graveyard Circus” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 14, 2020



How long does it take you to change?  Here’s a guide for massive change with Verbal Surgery -807- “Instant Me” and feel good, NOW!

Nov 11, 2020



How do you see the world?  Does everyone see the same thing?  Skip the dream and get into Verbal Surgery -806- “Wake Out!” And feel good, NOW!  Don’t miss this one!