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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 27, 2022



Know where you’re going?  Want to get there faster?  The examine Verbal Surgery -968- “The Map and The Journey 2” and feel good, NOW! Powerful! Practical!

Aug 24, 2022



What is holding you back from the success you want?  Let go of the weight and surge forward with Verbal Surgery -967- “The Desire to Let Go” and feel good, NOW! Powerful!

Aug 19, 2022



What is holding you back?  Break through to the other side with Verbal Surgery -966- “Illegitimate Limitations” and feel good, NOW!  Excellent!

Aug 17, 2022



Do you find sharing to be difficult? Experience release with Verbal Surgery!  Explore “Sharing is Daring and feel good, NOW!

Aug 12, 2022



Are you facing difficult times?  Then you need Verbal Surgery -964- “Pound of Heroes”

Feel good, NOW!