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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 30, 2022



Do you find change easy?  How about really small changes?  Learn to adapt with Verbal Surgery -946- “Just Adjust” and feel good, NOW!  Just do it!

May 26, 2022



What has been your biggest influences in life?  School? Sports?  Examine your roots and thrive with Verbal Surgery -945- “Just the Root” and feel good, NOW!  Deep!

May 22, 2022



Do you like flags?  What fires you up enough to wave one?  Examine what makes you take a stand with Verbal Surgery -944- “Flag Wavers” and feel good, NOW!

May 19, 2022



Do you practice?  Training your brain for maximum gain?  Examine yourself from new perspectives with Verbal Surgery -943- “Rehearsal Reversal” and feel good, NOW!

May 15, 2022



Love new shoes?  So clean and perfect!  What happens when they get older?  Are they still worthwhile?  Examine yourself with Verbal Surgery -942- “Phase Two Shoes” and feel good, NOW!  Get going!