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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 28, 2020



How do you grow your brain?  What is holding you back?  Get to the root of things with Verbal Surgery -755- “Fine Vine” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 21, 2020



Do you like lion stories?  Then you’ll LOVE this edition!  Contact your friends with Verbal Surgery -754- “Roaring Glory!” And feel good, NOW!

Apr 17, 2020



Need to get a hard job done?  Learn the best methods with Verbal Surgery -753- “Great Big Log” and feel good, NOW!

Apr 14, 2020



How is your life going? Full of hardship and potholes?  Then keep you “I On The Road” with Verbal Surgery and feel good, NOW!

Apr 10, 2020



What do you do during terrible times?  You listen to Verbal Surgery!  Handy tips to survive the pandemic with “Best of the Worst.” And feel good, NOW!