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Verbal Surgery podcast

Feb 26, 2019



How do we find success?  Is it just luck?  Check out Verbal Surgery -639- “1% Solution” and learn how!  And will feel good, NOW!

Feb 24, 2019


What makes us good?  Being better than someone?  Learn the power of comparison in this blast ofVerbal Surgery -638- “Hot Shot!” And feel good, NOW!

Feb 20, 2019



Our adjectives determine our emotional experience!  Generate happiness with Verbal Surgery -637- “Wow Vow!” And feel good, NOW!

Feb 15, 2019



Have you changed over time?  Do you like the changes?  Then refresh yourself with Verbal Surgery -636- “Tarnished Varnish” and feel good, NOW

Feb 12, 2019


It’s easy to find out what you’re against.  What are you actually FOR? Focus on support withVerbal Surgery -635- “PROsitivity” and feel good, NOW!