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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 30, 2018


We are an accumulation of skills.  Can we improve them?  Absolutely!  But where to start?  With Verbal Surgery -544- "Blind Typing!"  Accelerate great and feel good, NOW!

Mar 27, 2018


Who are you?  A collection of memories with a body!  Learn how to change and keep the change with this transforming edition of Verbal Surgery -543- "Keep the Change!"  Feel good, NOW!

Mar 23, 2018


Ready to take your business to the next level?  Want to have more friends?  Then you are in the right place!  Put these simple ideas into motion and watch your happiness level accelerate with Verbal Surgery -542- "Silent and Friendly."  It's time to feel good, NOW!

Mar 20, 2018


What we coat our experiences with changes over time!  What's under all that paint and varnish?  Find out in this revealing episode of Verbal Surgery -541- "Varnish Tarnish," and feel good, NOW!

Mar 16, 2018


What we expect to happen is more powerful than our willpower!  Learn to see in the future with this positive push of Verbal Surgery -540- "NEXTpectations!" and feel good, NOW!