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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 30, 2011

If you want uncommon fruit, plant uncommon seeds!  This podcast will put you in the planting business, baby!

Jun 30, 2011

Becoming aware of your situation and acting on the opportunities around you will make you successful, NOW!  Listen to this podcast and significantly improve your happiness!

Jun 26, 2011

Just the DESIRE that you want to improve take you down that path!  Get the WANT TO and you will see the REALITY!  This podcast will help you do that!

Jun 21, 2011

Want to improve your relationships?  Up your game in business?  Patience is the secret!  Listen to this podcast--it will change your life NOW!

Jun 12, 2011

If you think you have money problems, you need to listen to this one!  It'll change your perspective for ever!