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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 29, 2019



Want to be happy? Then do something for someone else. Our happiness levels all are all about service to other people. Experience happiness at another level with Verbal Surgery! And feel good NOW!

Oct 26, 2019



How would you act if you had no history to hold you back?  Start fresh with Verbal Surgery -707- “Blank Canvas” and feel good now!

Oct 22, 2019



What brings you happiness? Comfort?  Take a look at what gets you happy with Verbal Surgery -706- “Comfort Plush!” And feel good now!

Oct 18, 2019



Our primary ability is our intention to do something!  Paying attention to this will have dramatic results.  Learn how to excel with Verbal Surgery -705- “Intention Attention” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 15, 2019


Stop doing the things you know you shouldn’t do and start doing those things you need to do! A double whammy for good with Verbal Surgery -704- “Weight Wait.” And feel good, NOW!