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Verbal Surgery podcast

Apr 24, 2021



If you were to rate yourself, what would the number be?  Because you are a 10, baby!  Wrap yourself around Verbal Surgery -847- “You Beauty!” And feel good, NOW!  You deserve this one!

Apr 22, 2021



What do you really understand?  Yourself?  Absorb Verbal Surgery -846- “I Don’t Know” and be free of self falsehoods!

Apr 16, 2021



How do you see the world?  Improve your attitude with Verbal Surgery -845- “Cautiously Optimistic” and feel good, NOW!  

Apr 14, 2021



Do you think there is truth?  Things that are real, or is everything just a story?  Increase you happiness by using Verbal Surgery -844- “Fact Axe” and feel good, NOW!  Get to chopping!

Apr 10, 2021



Are you going through problems in your life?  How are they affecting you emotionally?  Overcome you reaction to the situation with Verbal Surgery -843- “Problems and Soblems”and feel good, NOW!  This stuff WORKS!