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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 27, 2023



Do you take criticism well?  Who does?!  Learn how to deal with hurtful comments with Verbal Surgery -1033- “Counter Offensive” and feel good NOW!  This stuff works!

Sep 20, 2023



Do you tend to see the problems more than the solutions?  Take a look at the secret of perspective with Verbal Surgery “Winners and Whiners” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 13, 2023



Do you have pets?  Love them?  I bet you do!  How similar are we to the animals around us?  Explore our primal nature with Verbal Surgery -1031- “Wild Animal” and feel good, NOW!  We ALL need this...

Sep 3, 2023



Do you have things that you just can’t stand?  Was the list a lot longer at one time?  Discover the power to change with Verbal Surgery -1030- “Used To It” and feel good, NOW!  Essential to happiness!