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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 30, 2024



Attract happiness and love with Verbal Surgery -1052- “Super Lure” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful!

Mar 25, 2024



Have you mastered time?  Learn new skills with Verbal Surgery -1051- “Matter of Time” and feel good, NOW!  Just when we needed it! 

Mar 17, 2024



How does your description of events change your response?  Massively! Learn powerful ways to turn your frown upside down with Verbal Surgery -1050- “Lower Case” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 10, 2024



What keeps you from achieving your goals?  Obstacles?  Examine the variables of action with Verbal Surgery -1049- “Between a Rock and a Soft Place” and feel good, NOW!  Effective!...

Mar 4, 2024



How much of your behavior do you notice?  Do you find yourself on autopilot most of the time?  Then shift into Verbal Surgery -1048- “Drifting and Sifting” and feel good, NOW!  Yeah, baby!