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Verbal Surgery podcast

Aug 30, 2016

Are you aware of change?  Have you noticed how you change depending on who you're around?  Perhaps we are all INtrance!  Examine the stories we tell ourselves, they become our reality!

Aug 29, 2016

Do you have a goal you want to reach?  Want more fun in your life?  Then "Surprise Prize Eyes" is for YOU!  Strategies for getting what you want and being surprised by what you get!

Aug 24, 2016

Does watching negative, fear inducing videos ever help you?  Is it really THAT important to keep up with all the world's negative news? NO!  Keep your mind set on "Posimaximum" and you will see your happiness levels skyrocket!

Aug 23, 2016

What's your perspective on life?  Do you BELIEVE your life and the world around you is getting better?  If not, you may need to open up a Sky Light! Listen to this and let the sun shine IN!

Aug 22, 2016

A special neurological edition of Verbal Surgery!  Learn more about the glorious 86 Billion neurons that make up your brain.  Train your brain to change your mind!  There is a relaxation element to this podcast.  Shouldn't listen to this one while you're driving!