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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 30, 2018



Manage your brain better with Verbal Surgery -605- “Manner Your Mind” and feel good, NOW! Put your head in a different box!

Oct 26, 2018



How do you feel about the “other side?”  Can you see WHY the other guys think the way they do? Embrace Verbal Surgery -604- “Mellow Drama” and get a peak at what’s REALLY going on!  Feel good, NOW!

Oct 23, 2018



Become more productive with the time-saving edition of Verbal Surgery -603- “Leisure Measure!” And feel good, NOW!

Oct 19, 2018



Is more always better?  Go for the deep relationships with people and our planet with this maxplus edition of Verbal Surgery -602- “Size Wise” and feel good, NOW!

Oct 16, 2018



Have you ever tried to mimic someone?  What would happen if you mimicked your best self?  Cut and paste your personality with this EXTRAordinary edition of Verbal Surgery -601- “MEmicking!” And feel good, NOW!