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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 28, 2020



Do you understand what’s going on? It’s often a matter of perspective! Take another look with Verbal Surgery -771- “Overstood” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 24, 2020



What do you think will happen? Your answer often affects the outcome!  Plug into “Xpectations and feel good, NOW!

Jun 20, 2020



What’s your happiness level right now? Want to be happier? Then adopt this episode of Verbal Surgery, “Help More” into your life and feel good, NOW!

Jun 13, 2020



Ready to speed up? Need to slow down?  Then buckle up for Verbal Surgery -768- “Speed Thing” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 10, 2020


Are you worried?  Pandemic stressing you out?  You need a dose of Verbal Surgery -767- “Just Let Go 2” and feel good, NOW!