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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 28, 2018


Everything we think about has a story to it.  Worry and Hope are both fictional!  We don’t know what the future will hold.  Our descriptions change us!


Edit your brain with Verbal Surgery -594- “Fiction Friction” and feel good,...

Sep 25, 2018



Do you know what you can accomplish?  How do you know what your limits are?  You DON’T!  Generate great with this inspiring edition of Verbal Surgery -596- “I’mpossible” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 22, 2018


How much of our thinking is permanent?  We are what we think about and over time these ideas become ingrained in our brain!


Train your brain with Verbal Surgery -594- “Permanent Think” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 18, 2018



How do we learn?  Examine our ability to memorize and gain information with this maximum effectiveness edition of Verbal Surgery -593- “Typing Class,” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 14, 2018



Ready to improve yourself?  Then go into “Tweak Mode” with this sly edition of Verbal Surgery -592- “Sneaky Tweak” and feel good, NOW!