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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 29, 2014

Ever want to be loved?  What does LOVE even mean?  Jump into Verbal Surgery -294- "Love PLUS!"  This may be the best, most practical episode of Verbal Surgery EVER!  What the world needs more than ever is LOVE! 

Oct 27, 2014

Your expectations affect your reactions.  If you expect great things, you will SEE great things.  Ever wonder how to deal with those critical, toxic people?  First step, listen to this podcast!  PROspectations will help you see things in a different way!

Oct 22, 2014

How do you act when you KNOW you're right? It's amazing how easily we can damage relationships just by giving "good advice."  Jump into Verbal Surgery -292- "On Being Right."  It'll change how you use your voice.

Oct 16, 2014

I worked in TV News for years.  It fundamentally changed how I see the world.  Life is fragile.  Let your fear of ebola change your life ofr the better!  Listen to Verbal Surgery -291- "All Be Gone" and get a new perspective on life, NOW.