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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jul 30, 2020



Going through hard times? Even in the worst situations there is always a ray of hope! Open your eyes with Verbal Surgery -780- “Darkest Light 2” and feel good, NOW!

Jul 26, 2020



What do we know about outer space?  What about micro space and the quantum levels? Surely we know how our brains work and what consciousness is, right?  Not so much!  Explore our limits and EXPAND yourself with Verbal Surgery -779- “Inner Limits 2” and feel...

Jul 22, 2020



Ready to get moving?  Then buckle in and turn on Verbal Surgery -778- “Here We Go!” And feel good, NOW!

Jul 18, 2020



When’s the last time you flowered?  What does it take to be healthy and flourish?  Jump into Verbal Surgery -777- “Lil’ Flower” and feel good, NOW!

Jul 16, 2020



I was very depressed when I recorded this today, so it’s definitely not my usual upbeat self!  But it is ME, so welcome to my life.  I think it’s valuable to hear what I’m going through and how I’m dealing with it.  So may you be blessed by that! Check out Verbal Surgery -776- “Death Test” and feel me:...