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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jan 29, 2019



Get yourself out of waiting around mode with this fast acting episode of Verbal Surgery -631- “ParticiWAIT!” And feel good, NOW!

Jan 25, 2019



How attractive are you to people?  Increase your tractor power with Verbal Surgery -630- “Track Attraction”.  And feel good, NOW!

Jan 22, 2019


Use your feelings and passion to increase your joy with Verbal Surgery -629- “Heart A Lack!” And feel good, NOW!

Jan 19, 2019


Get things done!  This podcast will show you how!  More practical advice that will change your life, Verbal Surgery -628- “Low Goals.”  And feel good, NOW!  

Jan 16, 2019


When’s the last time someone was rude to you?  How did that make you feel?  Tips to improve your relationships with Verbal Surgery -627- “Polite Awakening” and feel good, NOW!