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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 30, 2019



YOU determine the adjectives you use to describe what you’re going through.  You choose where you enter!  Choose the right door with Verbal Surgery -699- “Emergency Entrance” and feel good now!

Sep 24, 2019



Examine your direction by talking with your future self with Verbal Surgery -698- “Blast from the future!” And feel good, NOW!

Sep 21, 2019



Totally different experience depending on what you’re listening to and the volume it’s getting played.  Adjust your reality with Verbal Surgery -697- “Volume Knob” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 17, 2019



Accelerate your relationships and increase your joy with Verbal Surgery -696- “Tiny Surprises” and feel good, NOW!

Sep 15, 2019



The sky is constantly changing and so are YOU!  Be the best you possible with Verbal Surgery -695- “Loud Cloud” and feel good, NOW!