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Verbal Surgery podcast

Feb 25, 2024



Are your relationships steadily improving?  Be a better  friend with Verbal Surgery -1047- “Tuned In” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful!

Feb 18, 2024



What is keeping you from reaching your goals?  Fear? Training?  Examine your abilities to win with Verbal Surgery -1046- “Familiarity Breeds Attempt” and feel good, NOW!  This works!

Feb 13, 2024



Feel like you need help getting noticed? Then jump into Verbal Surgery -1045- “Promo Code” and feel good, NOW!  Powerful! Practical!

Feb 4, 2024



Your mind and body are connected.  Learn some simple hacks to tweak your body and feel good, NOW with Verbal Surgery -1043- “Physical Magic”.  Powerful!