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Verbal Surgery podcast

Mar 29, 2019



Your definition of yourself and others changes you!  Resolve to erase lines and return to a unity of mind with Verbal Surgery -648- “Line in the AND!”  Feel good, NOW!

Mar 26, 2019



Do you have any idea what the future is?  Does it even exist?  It certainly can in your mind!  Control your concepts with Verbal Surgery -647- “What is the Future?” And feel good, NOW!

Mar 22, 2019



We move forward because of friction!  Difficult time make us stronger.  Slide into Verbal Surgery -646- “Slippery Friction” and feel good, NOW!

Mar 19, 2019


Want to accelerate GREAT?!  Then get on that Verbal Surgery -645- “Springboard Trampoline” and launch yourself with this high flying edition!  And feel good, NOW!

Mar 15, 2019



What does it take to speed you up?  A croc behind you?  Accelerate GREAT with Verbal Surgery -644- “Crocodile Swim” and feel good, NOW!