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Verbal Surgery podcast

May 31, 2019



Are you a sipper or a chugger?  Is moderation your thing?  Explore the less and the more with Verbal Surgery -665- “Sips and Chugs” and feel good, NOW!  

May 28, 2019


How would your life change if you knew EXACTLY when you would die?  Jump into life with the “Tim Reaper” on this gusto plus edition of Verbal Surgery -664- “Countdown Timer,” and feel good, NOW!

May 24, 2019



What do you want from life?  Verbal Surgery -663- “The Big Want” will accelerate you towards that goal and increase the fun of the journey!  Dive into your desires and feel good, NOW!

May 21, 2019



Are you dealing with lots of problems?  Your viewpoint is often determined by your emotional state.  Learn how to use your perspective in new ways with Verbal Surgery -662- “Bad Views.”  And feel good, NOW!

May 17, 2019



Do you deal with stress?  Feel isolated?  Then engage with this super practical edition of Verbal Surgery -661- “Coming Unplugged” and feel good, NOW!