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Verbal Surgery podcast

Jun 28, 2021



Is time your friend?  Want to use your time better?  The jump into Verbal Surgery -863- “Beating Time” and feel good, NOW!  

Jun 23, 2021



What is holding you back from success?  Release yourself for success with Verbal Surgery -862- “One Handcuff” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 20, 2021



Having trouble getting things done?  Then maybe you’re having a flow issue.  Unkink yourself with Verbal Surgery -861- “Hose Woes” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 17, 2021



What keeps you from achieving what you want in life?  Fear?  Adapt and overcome with Verbal Surgery -860- “No Ledge” and feel good, NOW!

Jun 9, 2021



Dealing with a health challenge?  Then speed your healing with Verbal Surgery -859- “I Am The Medicine” and feel good, NOW!  You can do it!