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Verbal Surgery podcast

Sep 29, 2021



Is your life private?  How are we merging with the internet?  Use the power of tracking for your own benefit and feel good, NOW!  Verbal Surgery -883- “Big Sister” FTW! Get with the program, baby!

Sep 24, 2021



Is time real?  How can you make it work for you?  Make the clock work for you with Verbal Surgery -882- “Now Time” and feel good, NOW!  Literally!

Sep 16, 2021



Want to be happier? Then get the proper fit with Verbal Surgery -881- “MEasurement” and feel good NOW!  Don’t miss this one, kids!

Sep 11, 2021



How do you act around bad drivers?  Angry much?  Buckle up for greatness with Verbal Surgery -880- “Road Sage” and feel good, NOW!  Tips of life!

Sep 6, 2021



What do you want to happen in your life?  Make yourself a party with Verbal Surgery -879- “ManiFIESTA!” And feel good, NOW!  You know you want to.