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Verbal Surgery podcast

Oct 31, 2017


Do you have a favorite shirt, or hat or something that you really love to wear.  WAY past when it should ever be worn in public? Why do you do that?  Perhaps it's because it's comfortable, or has a special emotional significance to you.  The same is true for your BELIEFS! Repairing an old belief doesn't suddenly make...

Oct 27, 2017


The 500th episode of Verbal Surgery!  WOOOOOOOOOT!!  This is a terrific edition that will give you FIVE secrets to be  more successful!  Practical ideas that will lead to greatness!  Take my word for it, Verbal Surgery -500- "500!" will make you feel good, NOW!  THANKS for your support of this podcast in over 50...

Oct 24, 2017


Who am I?  What is the basis of your answers?  Isn't it your memories?  Those memories are a FABRICATION!  What you think happened is rarely exactly what reallly happened.  Those thoughts and memories that hold you back can be CHANGED!  Remember to listen to this powerful edition of Verbal Surgery -499- "Time Lyin'...

Oct 20, 2017


What makes you follow the law?  Fear of punishment?  What keeps you thinking INSIDE the box?  It's that same fear!  Tame those Guide LIONS with this captivating edition of Verbal Surgery -498- "Guide LIONS!"  It's time to  feel good, NOW! 

Oct 17, 2017

Verbal Surgery -497- "ValYOU!"


Ever doubt your self worth?  Does that voice in your head sound critical?  It's time to remember that you are concentrated AWESOMENESS, baby!  Jump into Verbal Surgery -497- "ValYOU" and ramp up your self worth.  It's time to feel good, NOW!